XXXIV Cycle 2018-2019

Molecular Oncology, Faculty and International Faculty (XXXIV Cycle)

Students (XXXIV Cycle)

Name and Surname e-mail PhD Advisor Phd dissertation*
Angotzi Marta
Venturella Roberta
Battaglia Anna Martina
Biamonte Flavia
Geles Konstantinos
Rizzo Francesca
Olivo Erika
Cuda Giovanni
Mirici Cappa Valeria
Weisz Alessandro
Parrotta Jessica
Venturella Roberta
Randazzini Lugi
Merola Alessio
Scafuro Chiara
Damiano Rocco
*to consult the thesis in the reading room of the monumental complex of San Giovanni in Catanzaro, it is possible to book by email writing to or by consulting the pages of the SAF: room