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Training offer of the PHD School “Life Sciences and Technologies” – INSTRUCTIONS

As you already know, a total of 20 credits is necessary to acquire during the year, of which 15 with verification. Of
these 15, at least 8 credits must be classified as ‘CORE curriculum’ for your Phd program and the others 7 credits
are FREE, therefore they may not belong to this category.  The remaining 5 credits can be obtained through partecipation in seminars, workshops, congresses (and at the same time sending a short report, accompanied by a certificate of paryecipation and program).
For Phd students enrolled in the third year, 15 credits will be acquired through the writing of the thesis, and the
remaining 5 credits through partecipation in courses and / or seminars, workshops, congresses.
At the end of the course, following verification by the professor, this will be loaded on the personal card with the
indication of the credits obtained.
The courses already offered in previous years are open to Phd students who have not previously obtained the
Registration for courses takes place through the E-learning plaƞorm of the University and must be done by Sunday
16 January in order to allow a course to be activated (a minimum number of 4 registrations is required).
You will need to log in to the platform through your UNICZ account.
We remind you that the choice of courses will be agreed with the guide teacher. 

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