Life Sciences


Cycle XXXVI (2020/2021)


DETAILS OF A.Y. 2020/2021 PH.D. PROGRAMME IN “Life Sciences”

EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES The aim of the programme is the training of experts in Life Sciences research following one of the four curricular areas. The transversal theme of the polypharmacological approach implemented in the COST Action CA15135 allows the PhD students, framed in one of the four curricula, to deal with complex problems characterized by a strong multidisciplinarity also in an international key.
Curriculum 1 Pharmaceutical sciences.

Main objectives: includes themes relating to the development of the drug in a general sense: from drug discovery, in silico, to the preparation and extraction of active principles, privileging the green chemistry approaches, their conveying, through advanced drug delivery systems, and in vitro and in vivo bio-pharmaceutical characterisation.

Curriculum 2 Food toxicology.

Main objectives: regarding themes linked to food security for both men and animals, included the valorisation of the agricultural and food heritage.

Curriculum 3 Biotechnological and Veterinary Sciences.

Main objectives: studies the characterisation of molecular mechanisms causing physiopathological phenomena through advanced biotechnological approaches of genomics and proteomics.

Curriculum 4 Medical Sciences and public health.

Main objectives: This includes interdisciplinary research on relevant viral, bacterial, immune system and skin pathologies which have practical consequences on Public Health.

Programme Duration 3 years
Coordinator Prof. Stefano Alcaro

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