Life Sciences

Cycle XXXVIII (2022/2023)

DETAILS OF A.Y. 2021/2022 PH.D. PROGRAMME IN “Life Sciences”

EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES The aim of the programme is an advanced training in Life Sciences to a large group of students belonging to
different master degree classes ranging from Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy, to Chemical Sciences,
Biology and Industrial biotechnologies, Physics, various Engineering courses, Medicine and Surgery,
Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics. The goal is to train PhD students of both curricula to carry out high level
research, favoring multidisciplinarity, interactions with companies and international internship periods at
qualified public or private institutions. The course is also very suitable for foreign students, who may find
excellent opportunities for integration and scientific cooperation in the research laboratories of the
Academic Board members.
Curriculum 1


Main objectives: it includes an interdisciplinary training path that focuses more on typical themes of the “hard disciplines” oriented to the Life Sciences. In particular, they will concern the development of natural and/or synthetic bioactive substances, through the aid of in silico methods and artificial intelligence, the preparation and extraction of principles also through green chemistry, their conveyance through advanced transport systems and the adoption of advanced biotechnological techniques of genomics and proteomics.

Curriculum 2


Main objectives: includes an interdisciplinary training path to develop and apply knowledge relevant to Life Sciences which also mostly practices in various biomedical fields. The main ones fall into the disciplines that revolve around in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, clinical nutraceuticals, food safety, food and environmental toxicology, microbiology, infectious diseases, dermatology, paediatrics, pathological anatomy, medicine law, hygiene and public health. In this curriculum, both the classic laboratory research activities and those of a clinical nature can be carried out.

Programme Duration 3 years
Coordinator Prof. Stefano Alcaro

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